NumeROSEi, the newest member of the Cignozza wine family, is a rosé made using only Sangiovese grapes.
The grapes are harvested in late August or early September and, after destemming, they are immediately pressed and fermented without the skins in order to achieve the rosé colour.
Fermentation begins slowly and lasts 15-20 days, then the wine is decanted into stainless steel tanks to age for a further 3-4 months.
Colour: pale pink.
Bouquet: fresh and delicate, with notes of cherry, pomegranate and poppy.
Flavour: good acidity, smooth, delicate, fresh and persistent.
PAIRINGS: Ideal with mixed antipasti of croutons and cured meats, first courses or white meats. Fish, shellfish and cheeses. Serving temperature 14°-16°.