Chianti Riserva

Chianti Riserva is only produced during the best vintages. The grapes used for this wine are 80% Sangiovese and 20% Canaiolo, carefully selectioned from the vineyards during the harvest. After the harvest, the grapes are removed from the stalks and placed into stainless steel tanks to ferment. The temperature is monitored during the fermentation which lasts approximately 12 days and in this period three pump-overs a day are carried out. Because of the density, the pump-over is then substituted by the delestage (emptying and refilling the tank). After the fermentation, the juice is separated from the pomace and left to settle in stainless steel tanks. After the decanting when the wine has become clear and the malolactic fermentation has come to an end, fifty per cent of the wine is then put into small oak (tonneaux) barrels to mature between January and February and the other fifty per cent in bigger barrels of French Oak for approximately 24 months. After several months of refinement in the bottles, Chianti Riserva is ready to be tasted.